Tactics caught on tape. This is your Modern Day Democratic Party

The Video below shows New York Democrats in action. It almost looks like what we sometimes see happen in various 3rd World Nations' "Congressional" sessions. When Pelosi is pushing 309 page amendments to the massive cap and trade bill at 3:30AM on a Friday night, and not allowing her elected colleagues to even read the amendments before she forces a vote on it, you know that the tactics seen in this video are the very same ones being used by Democrats in Washington. Wake up people. We have utter maniacs in control in D.C. 1960's socialist radicals own majorities in both houses and a younger, and even more extremist man occupies the oval office. While you're at it, here's an informative Google search that might surprise you; "The New Party" Obama "Democratic Socialist" Chicago. You could even try adding 1990s, or 1996. You know, the Michael Jordan era. Or perhaps you'd like to read the Mission Statement of the party our President was deeply involved in here in Chicago? Oh, in a way, it's just so cute, how most of the people inside Chicago, and all of the people outside of Chicago had absolutely no idea who it is they were really voting for.

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