Three Cheers for Signing Statements

Having your own blog is nice. You can use any foul language you wish, be as slutty as you desire, or just be a downright bitch. But I tossed out all those benefits a while ago and closed up my blog.

There are times I see things like this tho - Democrats irked by Obama signing statement - and just want to laugh. Not only laugh, but share that laughter with as many people willing to listen to me.

As I commented in the article, "Obama! Change you can believe in!", (sarcasm in case you weren't sure) people actually believed that during the campaign. No more rich white Republican. Hell no! America, Americans!!, want change. True change. HA! Love the change I'm seeing here.

I sent this article over to W.C., half hoping I would see it posted up on the site. Instead I got an invite to contribute. As I said in my email, doesn't matter the color or political leaning, a politician is a politician and they will screw you.

Not in the way I like to be screwed either.

Okay that comment wasn't in the email.

As to signing statements - have the balls to veto the bill or sign it as is. As a side note, Obama has more signing statements to date than Bush did by this same date in his first term. Just your little FYI.

For more info - Obama's comment on signing statements and Presidential Signing Statements FAQs

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