Obama Becomes Product Pitchman

This is sad on so many levels:
President Barack Obama will have Bud Light tomorrow when he hosts an old friend and the police officer who arrested him.
Let us count the ways:
1. The President is schlepping for the most popular beer in the land to gain support.
2. The most popular beer in the land also might be the most awful.
3. MillerCoors (when did they merge?) had to be contacted for a statement.
4. Bloomberg is reporting on what beer the President is drinking as part of its commitment to cutting edge financial journalism.
5. The issue requiring this beer bash is between a cop and a citizen. The issue is not within the province of the President of the United States just as the Terry Schiavo circus wasn't.
6. Finally, Budweiser is BELGIAN! This damn socialist president can't even drink an American beer!

And of course it has to be noted that nowhere in the article does it mention if the president chose White Rhino, Hindu Kush or California Skunk for the evening smokeout.

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