Obama deputizes National Endowment for the Arts grant-winners as Propaganda Agents

The National Endowment for the Art of Persuasion? by Patrick Courrielche

and his follow-up piece here.

Hey, If Obama gives you money, Mr. Artist, will you partner up with us and help brainwash our citizens with Che-colored posters titled "Hope"? I mean, we are dangling a grant in front of you.... Thankfully, one courageous artist (Courrielche) recorded the phone call and wrote about it.

Here is a video clip just so you can see the text of what was said in the conference phone call to 75 artists. In it, the chief NEA propaganda agent explains that the White House is just now figuring out the legalities of certain forms of WH propaganda, like Facebook and Twitter pages. And he asks artists to adopt a cause and make art promoting the administration's agenda on that cause. There is some very creepy language used by Mr. Yosi S. in this phone call.

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