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[Updated] King Obama has decided that in his wisdom he will allow organizations like the Catholic Church some flexibility in the health insurance mandate.
Amid a backlash from many Catholics and proponents of religious liberty, President Barack Obama announced Friday that his administration will not require religious institutions like hospitals and universities to provide free contraception to their employees in their health insurance.

Speaking to reporters at the White House Friday, Obama offered a compromise that would allow women to obtain free contraception but would require them to obtain it directly from their insurance companies if their employers object to birth control because of religious beliefs.

"Whether you're a teacher or a small businesswoman or a nurse or a janitor, no woman's 's health should depend on who she is, or where she works, or how much money she makes," Obama said, calling free contraceptive care a "core principle" of his health care law, which requires that all preventive services be provided at no cost to patients.
A condom is a right?!?! Are you f'in kidding me? Anyway....

The Constitution provides no provision where the Federal Government can require its citizenry to purchase insurance, yet our whore congress and King Obama don't seem to care. And when a challenge is raised based on the First Amendment right whereby one is allowed freedom of religion, Obama decides well, because this mandate is unpopular I shall set forth unto my subjects an exemption for those deemed worthy.

This is a president who ignores and hates the Constitution. He has decided, with Congress's blessing, that there is no longer a rule of law, there is no longer a law of the land and he believes that the people of this nation have voted him to be king and not president.

Is the goal of our current government to destroy the Constitution? How much you want to bet that after he's elected a second time (THANKS GOP, GFYs), we start hearing about a movement to come up with a "better" Constitution championed by this monarch? But hey why bother, he already violates the law of the land on what seems a daily basis so why even bother writing up a new one?


Doo Doo Econ said...

Obama said that he believes that we will have a man orbit Mars by 2030 and he "will be here to see it."

As a Chavez "like" dictator for life.

Dean said...

This was not a "compromise", "shift", "revision" or anything else you are hearing from the miserable MSM. At the end of the day, Catholic employers will still be forced to provide contraceptives to their employees. There has been absolutely zero effective shift in policy.

Happy Super Tuesday!