SLOBfest roundup

The brilliant and diverse group of bloggers known as the SLOBs (San Diego Local Order of Bloggers) have been covering a lot of important stuff that I've been too busy to write on.

Temple of Mut writes on the crack-up of Tea Party Patriots. Co-founder Mark Meckler has left the organization after seeing it co-opted by the GOP establishment. Meanwhile, local Tea Party groups like San Diego's Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition are breaking away from TPP to remain true to their grassroots nature. Meckler is the real deal, as are local groups like SCTRC. Good riddance to TPP.

Beers with Demo points out a story I meant to write on: England's tax-the-rich plan fails as raising income taxes to 50% causes a decrease in revenues! BwD also recently wondered whether libertarians were abandoning social conservatives on the issue of the Obama regime forcing contraception on the Catholic church. Click on over and tell him we're with them.

Left Coast Rebel on my favorite Senator as VP? Rand Paul would certainly bring serious conservative, constitutionalist credentials to the ticket, something Mittens sorely needs.

DooDoo Economics comments on the Tea Party going global.

Lipstick Underground pines for Virginia governor Bob McDonnell.

The Liberator Today on pension reform, global warmist scaremongering, and Santorum fail.

Dueling Barstools on military service members' favorite candidate: Ron Paul!

Shane Atwell on the coercion of collective bargaining.

KT Cat on the green jobs scam.

And the newest member of the SLOBs, Word Warrior of SoCal, on Obama disarming airline pilots.


Doo Doo Econ said...

Excellent idea and description!

Shane Atwell said...

I saw some discussion on Twitter about the supposed abandonment of the social conservatives by the libertarians over forcing Catholic charities to pay for contraceptives. I don't think it was true and there was plenty of ink coming from libertarians defending the rights of the religious not to support policies they believe are immoral. I hope the social conservatives remember it the next time the secular conservatives defend freedom in the bedroom. Or will they instead start blasting Jefferson's "separation of church and state" as unconstitutional? We'll see.

SarahB said...

Thanks for the link!

Dean said...

W.C., great wrap-up and thanks for the link.

I'm glad the libertarians (speaking as a poor man's liberatarian myself) are not down with the contraceptive mandate. It just did not appear to me there was the outrage I had hoped for.

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