Lest we forget: a brief history of Rick Santorum

This blog has been following Rick Santorum since long before he was overwhelmingly rejected as a nut by the people of Pennsylvania in a  blowout re-election loss.

For the benefit of those who have not paid much attention to Senator Man-on-Dog until his recent caucus and primary victories, a recap:

May 15, 2005: Senator Easily Amazed
July 14, 2005: Santorum is a bigot
August 2, 2005: Santorum breaks speed record in going back on promise
August 2, 2005: Santorum vs. birth control
August 14, 2005: Santorum in trouble (bonus: gay marriage is a homeland security issue!)
September 3, 2005: Santorum: I support freedom, as long as it's only exercised by right-wing religious zealots
February 2, 2006: Rick Santorum is carne asada
June 4, 2006: Santorum is carne tostada
March 29, 2011: Abortion babies are killing Social Security
January 5, 2012: Santorum's ruling-class sellout problem

Want a landslide of epic proportions?  Pick Rick Santorum.

The more I see of the not-Romneys, Gingrich and Santorum, the better Romney looks.

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Negocios Loucos said...

Picking the least of 3 evils is still evil.

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