Boehner owns this

Who is the one man most responsible for Barack Obama's re-election and a likely permanent socialist majority?

John Boehner.

At every opportunity: the debt ceiling, the budget continuing resolution, every spending negotiation, Boehner abdicated his responsibility and let Obama keep spending at will.

Instead of insisting on responsible spending bills, Boehner let Obama run 8%-10% GDP deficits for four years running. He let Obama steal our children's future to create a sugar high and make the economy feel better, at least past re-election.

George W. Bush paved the way for Obama with irresponsible spending and reckless foreign wars. John Boehner just gave Obama a second term which he will use to entrench even more deeply the permanent dependent underclass... and a lot of the middle class will find themselves sliding down into that underclass.

When they write the epitaph for liberty and prosperity in America, George W. Bush and John Boehner will feature prominently.

P.S. Plus Zimbabwe Ben, who facilitates Obama's spending by monetizing his deficits.


Negocios Loucos said...

You still think there are 2 independent parties don't you? Boehner, Obama, GW, Pelosi, they all play for the same team man. It makes so much more sense once you accept it.

Anonymous said...

that's about right.

RT Pro-America said...

Agreed, forget the 2 party system it's all about the 1 party "keep the people down" system these days. If it ends up that I have to choose which dictatorship to live in, I think I'll end up moving to Cuba. At least they have free healthcare.

P.S. watch this week's South Park (www.southparkstudios.com)... Cartman was behind it all!

SarahB said...

I agree with the evil of all noted parties, but you don't leave out the worthless GOP machine clining to 1980's styling...without any of the profound civics lessons uttered daily by Reagan.

Happy Super Tuesday!