Recuento de Víctimas de Greenspan: Amaia Egaña

Some say love is the universal language. I say the universal language is debt despair.

Fifty-three-year-old Amaia Egaña jumped four floors to her death as bailiffs prepared to kick her out after she failed to stay current on her mortgage payments. She is the second person in less than three weeks to commit suicide in the face of an impending eviction.
And of course the solution from just about every corner is to stop evictions:

A Spanish savings bank has halted all home-owner evictions after a ruined client threw herself out a window to her death, unleashing anti-bank street protests.

The weekend decision by Kutxabank, a lender in the northern Basque Country, was unprecedented in Spain, where banks and homeowners have been financially crushed by a 2008 property crash.

It was the second suicide linked to the eviction of a financially distressed home owner in 15 days.

Right-leaning Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy promised on Friday to offer proposals to ease the pressure on homeowners on Monday in talks with the opposition Socialists.


Rajoy said on Friday he hoped the talks with the opposition would include discussion of a 'temporary halt to the evictions which are hitting the most vulnerable families.'
Ending evictions is a great idea, because it would immediately end mortgage lending.  And that would be a great first step in ending debt slavery.

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SPAIN: Fifty-three-year-old Amaia Egaña jumped four floors

Baby Boomers as the dumbest, most irresponsible generation in history is a worldwide phenomenon!

Strange days indeed

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