Where are they now: Gypsy Taub

Back in 2007, we linked Gypsy Taub's groundbreaking investigative piece, "Is Cheney about to blow up the Bay Bridge?"

Sadly, Cheney apparently was not about to blow up the Bay Bridge. Or if he was, his plot was foiled by Taub's crack journalism.

Even more sadly, we neglected at the time to link Taub's interesting places you can insert an American flag (NSFW).

Well, our blog friend of five years ago has hit the big time and is now getting coverage in the mainstream press. She's fighting to keep nudity legal in San Francisco, against the prudish authoritarianism of Supervisor Scott Weiner. Supporting Weiner is the Castro / Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association's Rob Cox.

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Anonymous said...

Trailer trash has definitely gone mainstream.

Happy Super Tuesday!