Al Franken running for Senate?

Apparently, Al Franken is running for the Senate (via Polipundit and Anklebitingpundits). I'm not sure he has the emotional strength for a tough campaign. A while back, Franken revealed that he really is Stuart Smalley by sobbing during an interview for Canadian TV.

Seriously, though, Franken in the Senate would be bad news. It would be the death knell for "changing the tone" in Washington. Franken is not nice, and he's not funny. He's a shrill, partisan leftist. It's essentially like sending Michael Moore to the Senate.

As I write this, I'm listening to some terribly cheesy advertisements on Franken's radio show: Franken sounding awful reading a commercial for Vermont Teddy Bears, then a bad advertisement for ambulance chasers ("Have you been injured at work? We'll fight for you!"). This may be the first time I've listened to Air America Radio. My initial thought is that you might judge the size and value of a radio show by the quality of ads that companies make to put on it. If that thesis holds, Franken's show sucks.

Ads over. Now Franken is painfully singing, "Norm in the USA" to introduce a guest. It's embarassingly bad.

UPDATE: Redeeming feature found! Franken plays "Terrapin Station" going into the break!

UPDATE: I stopped listening, but hear through the grapevine that Franken says he's not running for the Senate. Apparently, this was a hoax to get people to listen to his radio show. It worked! I listened for ten minutes.

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