Who is Bertrand Pecquerie?

Bertrand Pecquarie is the blogger who likens bloggers to Sen. Joseph McCarthy. HT: Powerline

With a goofy name like Bertrand, I figured he must be some East Coast academic from a WASPy family. His blog says he is the Director of the World Editors Forum.

What is the World Editors Forum? "The World Editors Forum is exclusively dedicated to senior newsroom editors."

OK, so what newspaper has Bertrand as its "senior newsroom editor?"

Ah, here it is!

He was also the Director of the syndication and special events service of the French daily LibĂ©ration and, most recently, he was General Secretary of the French government’s Best Practices Agency (Agence des Bonnes Pratiques) which promoted good administrative and public service practices in local and national government.

So, he's

1) not a "senior newsroom editor," but an ex-something-or-other from a left-wing paper.
2) French
3) a bureaucrat

Three strikes, and you're comparing bloggers to McCarthy!

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