I may be in the minority, but...

I sort of buy CNN news head Eason Jordan's weird explanation of his weird remarks at Davos. Jordan caused a blog storm by saying that several journalists were "targeted" and killed by U.S. soldiers, apparently accusing the troops of cold-blooded murder.

Jordan's explanation on Carol Liebau's blog (via Instapundit) is that he used the word "targeted" to differentiate from "collateral damage," meaning they were shot because soldiers thought they were the bad guys, not hit by random fire or exploding debris. The blog world doesn't like the explanation, but it makes sense to me. He used extraordinarily poor word choice in Davos, quickly backtracked, and now is explaining himself. I accept that -- until a transcript surfaces that shows otherwise.

UPDATE: OK, maybe I was wrong. It seems that Jordan has a history of making wild, unsubstantiated allegations against troops.

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