Credit where credit isn't due

The U.N., which for years has been doing everything in its power to prevent democracy in Iraq, is now trying to take credit in blog ads for the new democracy. "No one will ever again get 100% of the vote. The U.N. is there." They've even put a page on their web site trying to pretend that they were on the right side of this issue.

This is the same U.N. that, on Saddam's payroll, allowed Saddam Hussein to siphon billions of dollars from the supposedly humanitarian oil-for-food program. The same U.N. that refused to do anything to enforce a decade of resolutions against Saddam.

If Kofi Annan, France, Germany, and Russia had their way, there would be no democracy in Iraq. But they'd still be getting paid from oil-for-food!

These ads are coming from the U.N. Foundation, the one that Ted Turner funded with a $1 billion pledge several years ago (since reduced, I believe, or at least delayed). Next time you hear about Ted Turner's great gift to humanity, remember that it's not necessarily going to help anybody in need. It's going to create deceptive propaganda to make people think the U.N. is actually doing some good.

UPDATE: InstaPundit's reason for taking the ads:

But I have a very broad ad-acceptance policy, for two reasons. (1) The money does more good in my hands than in the U.N. Foundation's or George Soros's; and (2) If I only took ads from people I agreed with, soon critics would say that my opinions were following the ads, rather than the other way around.
I can't disagree with that!

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