Kofi Annan: Nothing is my fault

Another fraud scandal at another U.N. agency, the World Meteorological Organization. At least this one didn't involve bribes to make Security Council members vote to keep a brutal dictator in power. HT: Drudge.

Annan's spokesman disavows any U.N. responsibility, saying that the agency was run independently. "They are responsible for cleaning up whatever might have gone wrong there."

Never mind that the WMO's web site calls it "a United Nations specialized agency," or that its logo incorporates the U.N. logo, or that "in collaboration with the UN agencies and the NMHSs of Members, WMO continues to support the implementation of relevant conventions such as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change..."

If the U.N. refuses to take responsibility for its agencies and assure us that funds won't be wasted or looted, why are we still funding them?

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