Believe it: Hillary is happening

Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee in 2008. Her harsh, left-wing image has been softened by the passage of time and her concerted effort to position herself as a moderate. It's working.

She may win the election -- especially if she claims the moderate ground and runs against a right-wing nut like Rick Santorum.

Some argue that she will have a difficult time in the primaries, because her new image is too far from the left-wing kooks that run the DNC and the grassroots. But Hillary has lingering credibility with the lefties from her First Lady days, and she's got the one thing no one else has: electability. Do you really think the Democrats want to send Kerry, Dean, or Kucinich to the slaughter again? Edwards is joining that crowd on the left, and has a bit of a Dan Quayle issue as well.

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