If everybody's unhappy, it must be a good deal

Kos is happy that Frist loses, but the commenters on his blog overwhelmingly hate the filibuster deal. Some commenters there are coming up with the idiotic theory that Republicans will vote down Owens and Brown. What kind of sense would that make? What's the point of demanding a vote for a nominee if you are only going to vote down the nomination? Honestly, I don't know what those people are smoking.

TalkLeft headlines "Sell-Out Deal Made: - Bush's Judges In"

MyDD: "My first reaction is that this is a defeat..."

On the right, Powerline feels sold out by a "hideous deal."

Ace of Spades: "'Bipartisan' Group Caves To Liberals"

If both wings are that upset, maybe it's a good deal. I don't know enough about the other nominees, but I'm glad Owens and Brown are getting through. Perhaps the other nominees really are worse, and a filibuster of them will have more public support because it will be justified.

UPDATE: This claims to be a .pdf of the deal and the text is here.

It's pretty surreal seeing Kos claim the confirmation of Owen and Brown as a victory.

And this wasn't in the text, but De Wine is reserving the right to go nuclear.

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