On poker, Democrats, and Bolton

Daniel Henninger at OpinionJournal has a multi-pointed column this morning. Gems:
I think the Democrats have as much chance of winning the public with obstruction politics as they did of winning the past two presidential elections: close but not close enough.

If the nation's most popular sport now is poker, then the Democrats have become the party of the constant inside straight. They hold a politically competitive hand, but not a winning hand.

and on Bolton:
If George Bush had given up on the U.N., he'd have nominated a place-holder, not this linebacker. Talk to reformers inside the U.N., and they will tell you that its lifer bureaucracy is hopeless and destructive of the U.N.'s purposes. Mark Malloch Brown, Kofi Annan's chief of staff, said in our offices that rather than a nice, placid soul from the Upper East Side, he preferred a John Bolton who had the ear of the U.S. President, without which the U.N. cannot succeed in its reforms, notably stiffening its peacekeeping function.

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