Former BBC insider speaks out on bias

A former BBC insider is writing a book on bias at the BBC.

The BBC is like America's PBS, but much, much worse. Like PBS, the BBC uses taxpayer money to brainwash the populace with leftist propaganda. PBS, however, has a pretty small budget and isn't watched by many people. The BBC, on the other hand, has a massive budget and a large audience, both inside Britain and around the world.

What's worse is that the BBC is funded by an outrageous annual TV fee of £126.50 ($234) that must be paid by anyone who owns a TV. That's more than some TVs cost in the first place! And you have to pay even if you hate the BBC and never watch it.

The fee is enforced by TV Gestapo vans that drive around with equipment that can detect TVs inside your house. The TV Gestapo can then enter your house to find illegal TVs. I am not making this up. It happened to some close friends of mine when I lived in London.

UPDATE: Helen corrects me in the comments below. Apparently, the vans' detection capabilities may be fake, and citizens technically have the right to refuse entrance to the TV Gestapo. I would think, though, that many people are not sufficiently aware of or confident in their rights to resist the TV Gestapo. I know that my friends were led to believe they had no choice in the matter.

HT: Polipundit.

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