John Kerry won't go away

I've had a few offline comments about the Kerry clock from PoliPundit on the top of my blog. People think that Kerry is old news and irrelevant, so there's no point beating a dead horse by leaving the Kerry clock up there.

I would like to agree. Everyone knows that Kerry is a pathetic joke whose 15 minutes of fame are up. Everyone, that is, except John Kerry. He still believes the Democrats will trust him to carry the standard in 2008. After all, he was such a compelling candidate in 2004!

No, the Kerry clock stays on the blog until the delusional Senator Kerry either signs the 180 or stops pretending he's a legitimate candidate.

I used to have a visceral revulsion to Hillary Clinton. John Kerry, however, is succeeding in making her look not only moderate, but also competent and electable. The longer Kerry stays around, the better Hillary's odds in 2008.

HT: PoliPundit.

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