An anti-Bush Englishman rethinks his position

I have commented before on the distorted view of Europe's media and public regarding the United States and President Bush.

In this very thoughtful post, an Englishman has changed his world view after spending time in New York:

On September 11, I thought I knew the reasons why the attacks had taken place. And it was not my fault. Moreover, it was somebody else’s fault – the US’s – and they were reaping what they had sown. But in the past 12 months I have slowly come to understand that the wordview I held was tainted by a media that sees the problems in the world (dictatorship in Iraq, authoritarianism/terrorism in the Middle East, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, global warming) as being the fault of the United States. All of this from a country and a continent that seems to have done little itself to try to redress the balance in a world which it has corrupted/manipulated to a gargantuan degree during the past 100 years.

Americans are often (somewhat rightly) called insular and ignorant about the rest of the world. But having spent considerable time overseas talking with citizens of other countries and reading foreign news, I have seen that people in many countries are as misinformed about Americans as Americans are uninformed about them.

HT: Alarming News.

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