Poetic justice

In response to the asinine Supreme Court ruling that greedy developers and their puppets on city councils can take people's houses, there's a movement to take Stephen Breyer's house and turn it into a park. This follows a similar proposal to take David Souter's house. I hope at a minimum this will bring legal headaches and annoying exposure to these judges, and help fuel a movement to pass anti-eminent domain laws locally and in Congress.

The "liberals" on the Court who voted for the interests of the rich and powerful over the little homeowner are Justices Breyer, Stevens, Kennedy, Souter and Ginsburg. I'm pretty sure Robert Bork and Douglas Ginsburg would have voted the other way, as would current nominee John Roberts. Judges preferred by Democrats are not "liberal" about anything other than abortion. Democrats have put terrible judges on the bench because of their myopic fixation on abortion, which blinds them to the serious consequences that these judges have on other areas of our lives.


Boinkette said...

Abortion is important--and it's not just abortion, it's the general right to privacy that usually gets expressed as a right to abortion. That affects everyone. I'd personally rather have judges who respect that right.

Yes, the "liberal" Supreme Court judges don't always vote the way we would like them to--I'm just as upset about the eminent domain ruling as you are--but that just goes to show that judges don't always vote along traditional right/left lines, and sometimes even the best judges will make stupid decisions. I don't think there's any way to prevent that.

Reactive1 said...

The problem with the abortion issue is that it never should have been addressed by the court. It's a policy decision to be made by elected representatives, not a Constitutional issue. There is no mention of abortion in the document and certainly there is no "right of privacy" indicated anywhere. It's a made up right that most people assume they have but in fact do not. Our country is finished if we don't get back to a proper understanding of the nature of the relationship between the government and the governed as envisioned by our Forefathers. If our only focus is on pure freedom to do as we please without interference then we miss out on the real rights of others and the society at large to have certain ethical guidelines and laws in place to protect, in this case, the indefensible.


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