Roberts nomination

The Coalition of the Chillin', those who maintained composure while others freaked out over the Senate's "Gang of 14" filibuster deal, are already declaring victory. They were right. Without the deal, the Democrats would have filibustered any nominee to the right of David Souter.

With the deal in place, President Bush consulted with Senators from both sides of the aisle, and got advance quasi-approval from moderates like Joe Lieberman (HT: Instapundit):

Lieberman offered reporters Wednesday three names he said could be considered without sparking a talk-athon. He would not say whether he brought them up to Rove.

He said federal appellate Judges Michael McConnell and John G. Roberts were "in the ballpark," and that "people tell me" appeals court Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson is "very similar."

Filibuster? I don't think so.

HT: AJ Strata.

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