Who says the French are arrogant?

Jacques The Worm feels superior to Britain:

President Jacques Chirac celebrated Bastille Day yesterday by insisting that France had no need to "envy or copy" Britain.

Whether the point of comparison was food, health, education or science, France was in far better shape than its old rival, he said.

And how about that 10.2% unemployment and 1.4% economic growth, Jacques? Or the fact that your welfare state is so wasteful and expensive that it destroyed the E.U. Stability Pact?

Karol at Alarming News adds:

They're better at surrendering, they're better at ignoring their Islamist problems, they're just generally better at being arrogant and thinking themselves better than others. And if there was a prize for electing pompous, useless politicians, France would claim the gold every time.

What about their leading edge water conservation by infrequent bathing?

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