The Adventures of Old Zeke, part II

The day-game gents seem to have to have taken a shine to me, and I must say that for whatever faults they exhibit (and these are plenty), they are some of the most likeable people I've known. I would venture to say that these guys treat each other with more honor and decency than you'd find in most legitimate businesses and, for that matter, many families. And different though my politics and background might be, I can't help but admit an affection for their rambunctious, outspoken, outlaw spirit. Here a man is judged by his integrity, smarts, and good humor, in a manner much more transparent and simple than in society at large. A no-good liar is a no-good liar; he doesn't rise to CEO.

Someday these characters will show up in a book or film, I hope, but in the meantime, suffice it to say they're teaching me plenty of things that escape a university curriculum. And, while I'm still learning the hard way how to play Omaha, my winnings at the night games, which are Texas Hold 'Em, have more than kept me afloat. Finally, for all you gin lovers, these guys will play for $1000 a game or anything else you care to offer--and they do play a mean game of gin.

'Til next time...

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