Still don't know about Miers?

I've been conflicted on this nomination.

First, I said Bush would never be stupid enough to nominate Miers.

Then, I was pleased by her ability to read the Second Amendment.

Then, I flirted with the Coalition of the Chillin'.

Then, I linked to Miers' new blog.

Then, I started to side with those urging withdrawal.

I am in doubt no longer: Miers must go!

James Taranto has the final word and lots of supporting evidence: Harriet Miers is a left-leaning, unprincipled, moderate.

Bush is an idiot for nominating her.

UPDATE: PoliPundit on Miers' less-than-Supreme legal writing. Her Texas Bar Journal writings read like a "Letter from the President" of a small-town PTA.

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