Harriet Miers = John F'ing Kerry

Harriet Miers has a crafty pattern of telling people exactly what they want to hear.

James Dobson and other anti-abortion activists seem pretty sure she's on their side. But Arlen Specter thinks she told him that there is a "right to privacy" in the Constitution that would imply support for Roe v. Wade. After these private sweet nothings whispered in the ears of each camp, she tells the public that she never said anything to anybody.

This behavior isn't new. It goes back to the days of her Dallas local politics. She told a lawyer in a civil rights case that she wouldn't have run for city council if a minority candidate could have had her seat. She told anti-abortion groups she would support a Constitutional Amendment against abortion.

Gay publications are claiming that she told the Eagle Forum of Texas she would oppose laws banning discrimination against people with AIDS, but coyly side-stepped the issue when asked by a gay rights group. (The existence of the Eagle Forum questionnaire has not been reported in the MSM yet. If it's true, we should hear about it soon, as it is purportedly in the possession of the Senate Judiciary Committee.)

Harriet Miers is not a constitutional scholar. She's a politician with enough flips and flops to make John Kerry proud.

I can see it now: "I actually voted for Roe v. Wade before I voted against it!"

UPDATE: It's true! The Washington Post has Harriet Miers' Eagle Forum questionnaire. Thanks, Right Side!

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