Merry Fitzmas

Left-wing Bush-haters were expecting more from Patrick Fitzgerald. Karl Rove would be indicted, they were sure, and the whole corrupt Bush Administration would come tumbling down. Full of anticipation, they coined the term "Fitzmas" for the bounty of schadenfreude they were sure Fitzgerald would deliver. Delusional Al Franken thinks more is still to come. But the reality is that the Bush administration can survive minus one Vice-Presidential Chief of Staff, no matter how super influential the media keeps telling us Lewis Libby was.

If Libby was indeed the most powerful Chief of Staff in the history of the world to the most powerful Vice President in the history of the world, why is it that we never heard of him during the first four and a half years of the Bush Administration? We certainly heard how Cheney, Rove, Wolfowitz, et. al. were the evil geniuses behind the moron President. But now that one Lewis Libby has been taken down, he is suddenly the guy who was running everything the last four and a half years?

The Bush Administration could have survived the loss of Rove or Cheney. It can surely survive the loss of a guy who calls himself "Scooter."

"Fitzmas" did indeed come on Friday. But the Democrats found nothing but a lump of coal in their stocking.

UPDATE: A Cox & Forkum illustration.

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