Nature Conservancy, you are Put On Notice!

I have been a big supporter of The Nature Conservancy for a long time. It was my favorite charity because it used donations to purchase and preserve property in voluntary, open-market transactions. Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman would approve. Contrast this to groups like the Sierra Club, which use their funds to lobby politicians and promote coercive public policy changes.

No more. I was deeply disappointed to read this:
In November, [California] voters will be asked to decide on Proposition 90, the so-called "Protect Our Homes Act" -- a property-rights initiative that would amend the state Constitution to limit the use of eminent domain.

The initiative would make it impossible for cities or counties to seize land in order to eventually transfer the property to a different private owner, such as a shopping mall developer....

On the other side is a coalition of opponents, including cities and counties, environmental groups and the banks that underwrite redevelopment bonds. Collectively they have given at least $1.5 million to fight Prop. 90, according to the most recent campaign filings.

The biggest chunk -- $755,000 -- came from municipalities, primarily through the League of California Cities. Environmental groups, led by the Nature Conservancy, have given more than $300,000.

It's bad enough that the Nature Conservancy is wasting funds that should be going to purchase and preserve sensitive land. It's worse that they are trying to preserve Kelo-style eminent domain abuse for big developers.

Not another dime. Nature Conservancy, you are Put On Notice!

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Unknown said...

Ok maybe you can clarify the meaning for me, I'm not sure I understood that. This prop 90 is for the cities being allowed to seize land to give to developers later on? And the Nature Conservancy is spending money to stop this from happening... and that's a bad thing? Maybe I read that wrong?

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