The security illusion unmasked

After billions of taxpayer dollars--as well as the dollars of travelers and airlines--have been thrown at "upgrades" to aviation security, the silliness and ineptitude of the effort is again painfully revealed:

A bizarre incident aboard an Air Canada Jazz flight last week has raised questions about just how terror-proof those new bullet-proof (and apparently pilot-proof) cockpit doors are. With 30 minutes left in the flight from Ottawa to Winnipeg, the captain left the cockpit to use the washroom in the rear of the CRJ-100. When he got back, the door lock had apparently malfunctioned and he was unable to get back to his post. Now, the first officer was up front and fully capable of landing the plane but the captain apparently insisted on being in his seat. In front of 50 passengers, he and the cabin crew popped the hinges on the door.

At least they kept me from bringing my water bottle back from Vegas.

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