Idiots, Liars and Thieves - We want to help!!!!

BAILOUT!!! If you are one of the credit challenged borrowers who bought a teezer loan that was sure to fail then today is your lucky day. If you are one of the folks who took out a teezer loan that was beyond your means but you have a good credit score then sorry, no soup for you.

"The freeze may apply to mortgages issued between January 2005 and July 2007 that are currently scheduled to reset between January 2008 and July 2010, said a person who has seen a draft proposal. Borrowers whose credit scores are below 660 out of a possible 850 and haven't risen by 10 percent since the loan was issued will be given priority.

Those with scores above 660 will be more closely scrutinized to determine whether they are eligible or must continue making payments under existing terms, said the person.

The message here is reward the irresponsible and the unethical. I cannot believe how contrary to what I thought America stands for this is.

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