Never judge a book by its cover

I've been sick the past few days, first with what I thought was the flu, but by yesterday I was feeling bad enough that I decided to see a doctor.

I was directed by my HMO to an urgent care center. As I pulled up to the address, I knew the building well. It was a classic old San Diego strip joint that had closed recently. The signs had been replaced, but the cheesy/flashy design of the building belied its prior use. I wondered what kind of treatment I was in for. I expected something along the lines of Dr. Nick.

To my great relief and surprise, the staff was excellent, from the receptionist to the nurse and the doctor. Everyone was extremely courteous and efficient. Within an hour, they had me diagnosed, pumped full of 'roids and antibiotics, and on my way.

Thank God for competition and private practice in medicine. If I ever feel like that again, I don't want to stand in line waiting to face surly employees at the Deparment of Health and Motor Vehicles under HillaryCare or ArnoldCare.

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