Patrick letters to Senator Boxer

Patrick.net is a housing status website that compiles the day's housing related articles in one easy spot. I have read literally hundreds of articles linked by Patrick. It's a great site!


Today he has published letters that folks could use to email or mail to Senator Boxer one of the California Senators. They state what I have already emailed her about and I recommend the letter to anyone supporting this absurd "homeowner" bailout.

I want to offer one point about the issue - the entire theme of the housing and economic debacle is about creating an unsustainable economic reality. The housing market inflated causing the economy to inflate at levels that were not reasonable. And I wonder if Senator Boxer herself is fighting an unsustainable battle.

Sure she will receive massive donations from the corporate interests that are really being bailed out here but is she losing the population that votes for her at the same time? I have registered Republican for the first time and will vote against all of the folks representing me in congress; they all happen to be Democrats.

But ultimately is Senator Boxer also losing donations? I have already donated to Congressman Paul. I can afford to donate because I didn't enter into an absurd mortgage agreement. Is Senator Boxer going to get a dime from anyone whose house she is saving? Seems a bit unsustainable to me.

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