America's Most Smartest Financial Advisor

Ben Stein is one of the hosts of a show on VH1 that is called America's Most Smartest Model. It's one of those donkey reality TV shows where one contestant gets eliminated each week. Sometimes at the end of the show there are 2 contestants left and they decide who will leave by Ben Stein giving them a quiz. He’ll ask things like - what century is 1948 in? - and they will get the answer wrong. He and the viewers will laugh at the stupid people because Ben Stein is smart and they are dumb.

This video (starting in 2006) is an awesome, told-you-so clip highlighting the arrogance and ignorance of the popular financial media and how Peter Schiff put his correct opinion out there and was berated, scoffed at and insulted by people who are about as smart as the models in the show I mention above. The ultimate irony is that one of the major protagonists in the clip is Ben Stein.

He needs to stick to hanging around the models and not hang around smart people. Ben is probably the most stupidest.

Peter Schiff - Brilliant, Ben Stein - Rubbish

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