JUST a Friendly Reminder

We at the US Government are stealing your money and giving it to our friends claiming it will save the economy. So that you don't pay attention to our blatant theft and disregard for the Constitution we want to remind you that we are also unable to protect you and you might die at any moment from the evil Al Qaeda.


PEOPLE(!), the government tells us there is danger so we don't pay attention to how dangerous they literally are to this country. Our federal government is claiming to protect the sovereignty of America while actually destroying it.

I obviously don't want anyone to die but which is more of a threat to the nation: 1) a random bomb attack on a train or 2) the complete destruction of the wealth of the nation? As long as they keep telling us 1 is a greater threat then they can continue unimpaired in executing 2.

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Exodus! Movement of Jah people!

 Joe Rogan is yet another multimillionaire fleeing California’s insanity. Who’s going to be left to pay the bills?