Be a collaborator

Now is the time for all good citizens to rat out their neighbors to the government.

No, I'm not talking about turning in Republican sympathizers to the Obama re-education camps. And I'm not talking about turning in gold hoarders to the Bernanke Fiat Currency Board.

I'm talking about turning in gross polluting vehicles -- the ones where you can see smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe. If I've got to go through some B.S. California smog check program every two years with my non-polluting car, I'm not going to let some guy go driving down the street spewing thousands of times more exhaust than my car will ever put out.

It's the old 80/20 rule -- 20% of the cars put out 80% of the pollution. Actually, I would guess that it's more like 3% of the cars put out 97% of the pollution. And instead of concentrating on getting that 3% off the road, the state makes the other 97% of us take our cars in for inspection and a fee every two years.

So I ratted somebody out today. Some jerk was driving an old diesel Mercedes spewing fumes.

The California EPA complaint form is here. Learn it. Know it. Live it.

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