Happy Bank Failure Super Thursday!

Sheila Bair is a rockstar! She took down 7 banks yesterday and that my friends is a new record. 7 in one day! Sheila you are Awesome! Suze, you'll do something special for her tonight won't you?

1. Founders Bank, Worth, IL
2. Millennium State Bank of Texas, Dallas, TX
3. The First National Bank of Danville, Danville, IL
4. The Elizabeth State Bank, Elizabeth, IL
5. Rock River Bank, Oregon, IL
6. The First State Bank of Winchester, Winchester, IL
7. The John Warner Bank, Clinton, IL

By the way, what is going on in Illinois? I would not have imagined they'd have the lead by the 4th of July weekend. My money would have been on CA, FL, or MI.

Here is the current year to date tally:

IL 12
GA 9
CA 6
FL 3
UT 2
CO 2
OR 2
NV 2
NC 2
WA 2
KS 2
MO 1
ID 1
MD 1
MN 1
NE 1
NJ 1
TX 1
MI 1

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