An American Revolutionary

Folks, there are those who come along and make an impact on society so profound that they are unique when compared to those before them. Names like Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, and Jackie Robinson come to mind. These American's were revolutionaries in their field.

On the eve of the Michael Jackson Memorial Service we'd be remiss not to remember his contribution. No I don't speak of his impact on the MTV generation because he was not alone. Pat Benatar, Howard Jones, Stevie Nicks and Duran Duran never got the credit I thought they deserved .

No I speak of something much more difficult and unique. Michael Jackson was the first to make it ok in the eyes of the law for adults to sleep with children. What Thomas Jefferson is to democracy, what Henry Ford is to mass production, what Jackie Robinson is to African American equality, Michael Jackson is to NAMBLA. Where before individuals who engaged in this sickening behavior were at the least vilified and the more appropriate, locked up, he persevered and triumphed according to the law. Can someone explain to me why CNN doesn't give him props in this arena?

* Apologies to the North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes. Keep up the battle boys! The other organization that shares your acronym is truly evil.

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