Maybe California doesn't suck

Don'cha hate it when someone offers anecdotal evidence to prove their point? (It's even worse when that "evidence" turns out to be entirely bogus.)

Well, I'm going to do it anyway:
As competition heats up among advanced-battery makers seeking a foothold in the electric-vehicle market, one of the largest U.S. manufacturers said Wednesday that it has selected a site in Palmdale, Calif., for construction of a $220 million plant.

Why California?
Quallion President Paul Beach said his team picked the Palmdale site northeast of Los Angeles because it is close to another battery facility it already operates. Quallion was offered about $20 million of assistance from the state of California and the city of Palmdale, including a free site.

Ah, so we had to bribe them, eh? Well, nowhere near as much as Michigan ($400M) and Kentucky ($200M) are offering competitors. Maybe South San Francisco, Palmdale, and California aren't that bad. And to be honest, Michigan, Kentucky, and most other states would have to come up with some damned good reasons for me to move my business out of California.

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