San Diego ObamaCare Protest Pictures

The crowd as I approached before the 10am kickoff. I would estimate it grew to more than 100 eventually.

Dawn Wildman, one of the founders of the local tea party movement.

Leslie Eastman, another local founding mother.

Yes, this is about ObamaCare. But we still hate Schwarzenegger.

The tourists on the bus checked out the scene. Some passing motorists gave supportive honks.

Good point.

Mason Weaver, a great speaker, radio host, and, judging by the "Draft Mason Weaver" signs in the crowd, possible Congressional candidate.

Founding member, Babies Against Communism

About 15 Obamunists showed up to counter-protest across the street. They shouted a lot but were largely ignored.

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers! And check out organizer Leslie Eastman's blog post on the event.

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