Cash-for-Clunkers SAVED!

We've reported on this horrible initiative (here) before and yesterday the head of the program said they were running out of money.

This is the plan where the government gives people money for their old cars. Up to $4500 if they go out and buy a new car. Congress agreed to spend $1 billion of your childrens money to fund this idiotic program all in the name of the environment and to save humanity, they said.

Well the farce continues as congress today enacted some emergency legislation to save the program. It authorized another $2B of your childrens money. And with brilliant commentary like this, who can question them:
"Consumers have spoken with their wallets and they've said they like this program," said Rep. David Obey, D-Wis.
That makes no sense. David Obey, you are an idiot.

Folks, these are the same people trying to become solely responsible for your health. Doesn't that terrify you?!?

UPDATE: Sic Ibid pointed me to the fact that the government will destroy the cars that they pay up to $4500 for. That's right America, your children are paying for cars to be destroyed. This to save mother earth.

And on another note, they define these cars as gas guzzlers which are those that get less than 18mpg. Have you taken a look at GMC's truck website. Not one truck produced by GMC gets more than 18mpg in the city. That's funny especially because it's our government's car company.

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