America's gayest Senator, Lindsey Graham, votes No on DADT repeal

You ever notice how some of the most vocal gay-bashers are closet gays?

Charlie tells a story of his travels in North Dakota or some other BFE state up there, where he played pool with a bunch of local guys in a bar and one of them kept going on about "damn homos" and "f*ggots" and such. As the night wore on and the guy got enough liquid courage in him and the other locals had left, the guy tried to get it on with Charlie.

So it is with America's gayest Senator, the hissy-fit-throwing lifelong "bachelor" who goes to Afghanistan like some boys go to Fire Island. Miss Lindsey was among the small minority of 31 Senators who voted No on Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell repeal.

Self-hatred by closet homosexuals is such a senseless tragedy. I hope DADT repeal is another step toward eventual full societal acceptance of homosexuality so that the Lindsey Grahams of the world can come to terms with who they are.


Anonymous said...

W. C Varones is an insulting boorish beast. He has never learned respect much less common courtesy. By referring to Senator as a closet gay and calling him Miss Lindsey shows not only a lack of credibility but also a lack of professionalism. I will never take somebody like Varones seriously.

Zeke said...

^ Pfft. Thank you, intern from Sen. Graham's office.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous above:
Everyone knows that is you Lindsey. So just relax and embrace your gayness. Embrace it hard. Wrap your hands around it, Lindsey. Feel your gayness, Lindsey. Just let it all spill out. But do beware, the trips to Afghanistan are becoming obvious.

Anonymous said...

Your jealousy of Senator Graham must be very difficult for you to deal with. You are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

@ previous comment:
Best of luck forcing your fraudulant, bankrupting insanity on the world now, Lindsey. Oh, and it is weird how you keep referring to yourself in the third person, but please, do continue. Tell us about your childhood, Lindsey. What happened? Who hurt you, Lindsey? I do not care about the million dead Iraqis, so you can cry on my shoulder. Oh, and do you happen to know where I can get a copy of the 9/11 Pentagon surveillance videos? I still contend people like you are lying and covering it up. Prove me wrong, Lindsey. Join me in demanding that Barack release the videos. Then, we will get right back to your childhood. If you want more we can keep going, Lindsey. This freedom of speech stuff is great. Our Founders were genius.

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