That's what you get for f___ing a feminist

Sky News' foreign affairs editor Tim Marshall said: "Mr Assange had sex with the two women on August the 15th and 17th but two days later they went to a police station and claimed rape and sexual molestation.

"Mr Assange admits he had consensual sex with the women but he absolutely denies the charges.

"One of the women involved in the claims is a radical feminist in Sweden who is known to have a theory that men dominate their social positions through sex and she's also been known to write a blog called 'seven steps to legal revenge'."

That's why God made most feminists lesbians. To protect us from stuff like this.

UPDATE: Feminists are not amused.


Anonymous said...

my thought is that they are generally insufferable windbags with an axe to grind who were either "not loved enough by Daddy" as little girls or were perhaps "loved a bit too much" (yikes!!!!) Either way you cut that ice - "Nnnnuuuuutjob" (sung in falsetto voice)


SummerRain said...

If them women hate men so much then why do they want to be like men?

WIKI just did their job of repporting news i.e. govt.s job is to keep state secrets & journalist job is to report the news. The govt. leaked these classified cables so who is really the criminal?

Along these lines, just read a new book that's a must to read cause it's Americans finally taking a stand against tyranny. I'll be giving it out this holiday (all I can afford). I recommend it.


Might also add that it was 'sex crimes' against the Waco people so tranishing people with this seems to get people still upset. Who will be next with accusations about sex crimes? You or me when we disagree with our own govt.?
Good article! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Q: How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Trick question, feminists can't change anything!

rimshot.... thank you Akron, you've been great. Be good to your waiter or waitress.

Owl Eyes said...

All women who happen to be radial in their poilitics, must be liars right? Does anyone stop for a moment to think about the possibility of how these women are feeling? Maybe the fact that every white heterosexual male on the planet called her a whore actually matters to her? Do you understand ow dangerous this type of victim blaming is?

It's appalling that so many men and even some women, can decide that these women are just disposable liars. This is why there still is feminism. This is why we care.

W.C. Varones said...

I think radial feminists diminish their own credibility and the seriousness of rape when they use the term to for groupies who have consensual sex with a guy, go out to breakfast with him after, and then a few days later decide it was a felony.

SarahB said...

I can never figure out why the hell any man would want to have sex with a radical feminist. You'd think of all the women on earth, if they were in fact raped, they'd be smart enough to report it 20 seconds after they guy leaves the room...not 2 days later. "strong women" my ass.

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