Obama responds to debt downgrade by proposing to make Social Security even more insolvent

Well, not immediately. His first reaction to the crisis and the deaths of the Navy Seals was to go golfing, obviously.

But when he finally rolled into the office around 2pm on Monday, Obama proposed to make the debt crisis even worse by extending the payroll tax cut. That's the tax that funds the already underfunded Social Security program.

Why stop funding Social Security? Because the extra 2% in people's paychecks will make them feel better now even if we are just stealing it from the future. And feeling a little better now might help get Obama re-elected.

47% of Americans pay no federal income tax already. These freeloading deadbeats are a big part of Obama's base. Now he wants to give them Social Security without paying for it too.

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SarahB said...

Waiting the entire weekend and then being late for his own speech did more damage than anything we could ever lob at him. And then blaming us before his sorry-ass too-late condolences for the seals...you just can't make this stuff up.

Happy Super Tuesday!