PBS Is Anti-Evolution. Wants Us To Be Dumber.

On the same network that will excitedly run all sorts of documentaries stoking the panic about "Climate Change", they (PBS) aired a Nova episode last night about human evolution called "Becoming Human". In it they explained an apparently very credible theory that posits that 1-2 million years ago in Africa, repeated "rapid climate changes" were likely the "catalyst" that caused the brains of the earliest human species to double in size. Doubling the size of their brains helped them adapt to the repeatedly changing climate conditions.

Imagine my shock when I found out that the Earth's climate used to change way back in prehistoric times. Has anyone else heard of that?

If climate change made our ancestors' brains bigger, and eventually lead to the kind of mental acuity that could understand M-Theory, Quantum Mechanics, and financial derivatives, then sign me up for some more climate change, please! If bigger brains are the result of Global Warming and its utterly devastating 3 inch rise in sea levels over the next 100 years, then don't you think the more evolved humans, using brains that are bigger and more powerful than our own, would be able to figure out solutions to any of the potential serious negatives that might come with Global Warming? Why PBS's tendency to otherwise air shows that usually assist in spreading the fear of "climate change"? They don't want us to ever get any smarter as a species? PBS, here's a word to the wise, who want future humans to be even wiser; as you fight Global Warming, you also fight to keep us from getting smarter. Now that's some serious opportunity cost I don't think you're considering! Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. It's like a man with a winning lottery ticket claiming his ticket was flawed and erroneous. Just take the money and run, PBS! Accept Global Warming and take your future big-brains and start putting some programming on the air that's not so full of cognitive dissonance!


everybody_knows said...

If climate change was the driving force to big brains, then why didn't every animal lineage that survived across the same ecological flux get bigger brains? If humans are somehow special here, then WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL? That is the real question, and climate change is not the even close to an answer. What about bipedality, tool use, meat eating, and complex social behavior (all in existence before the big brain expansion of genus Homo)? Surely these had some impact on the selective environment during cranial capacity expansion? Or were our ancestors just thinking about the weather? I guess that it is a bit hard to test, isn't it?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That's funny, I had the same take away from the show last night. Climate change = bigger brains.
I don't worry about climate change. No species lasts forever so if we go extinct, oh well.
Now I can't wait till the stupid humans die off while the big brained one keep going on.
That actually sounds perfect to me.

Anonymous said...

Human evolution has been debunked years ago. Did you really think macro evolution has any credtable theories left?

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