Slippery slopes and the Left's contempt for the Constitution

Legal arguments of the "slippery slope" sort are often derided as preposterous extrapolations. The next time you hear a slippery slope argument, take it a little more seriously, especially if it's regarding the unconstitutional expansion of government powers.

Here's Clinton appointee Stanley Marcus' dissent on the ObamaCare individual mandate.

Circuit Judge Stanley Marcus dissented in the Georgia federal appeals court.  He called the views of the states and the two other judges approaching the case “wooden, formalistic, and myopic.”  Marcus wrote that Congress has long regulated health insurance and regulated parts of the system, including prescription drugs and the cost of health care through setting Medicare prices.

“The majority has ignored many years of Commerce Clause doctrine developed by the Supreme Court,” Marcus wrote.

Translation: We've been pissing on the Constitution so long that it no longer means anything at all, and Congress can do absolutely anything it wants.

If that argument wins, we are no longer a Constitutional republic but a winner-takes-all totalitarian farce of a democracy.

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DooDooEcon said...

It is not like The Constitution is written in stone. The Constitution is just paper and ink.

The power that enforces The Constitution comes from the people's willingness to fight, overthrow, expel or imprison those who violate our individual rights as constituted by our founding documents.

If Obamacare is enacted, it is the end of human freedom. As Margarette Thatcher told us, the reason she could not turn around Britain as Reagan turned around America was the British Healthcare System. We can now plainly see where it leads as entitled mobs now roam the streets around the world. Once government gets its hooks into every American, as it now has Social Security, Medicare and military personel, it will threaten, intimidate and scare people into doing whatever is in the rulers best interests. It is slavery.

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