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Am I the only one who thinks this is an unfortunate ad layout? (Via LA Clippers' Facebook page)


Anonymous said...

Unfortunate for who?

zeke said...

Anyone who bet the over on number of Spirit girls in the ad...line was 11.5.

Kenny Bing said...

Barbara Walters was doing a documentary on the customs of the
American Indians. After a tour of the reservation they lived on,
she asked why there was a difference in the number of feathers found
in the headdresses of the various Indians.

She asked a brave who only had one feather in his headdress what
this meant. His reply was "Me have only one squaw, me have only one

She asked another brave, feeling the first fellow was only joking,
this brave had four feathers in his headdress.. He replied, "Ugh, me
have four feathers because me sleep with four squaws"

Still not convinced the number of feathers indicated the number of
squaws involved, she decided to interview the chief.

Now the cheif had a headdress full of feathers which, needless to
say, amused Ms. Walters. She asked the chief, "Why do you have so
many feathers in your headdress?"

The Chief proudly beat his chest and said, "Me chief, me fuck-em
all; big, small, fat, tall, me fuck-em all." Horrified, Ms. Walters
stated, " You should be hung." The cheif replied, "You damned right
me hung--me hung like buffalo."

Ms. Walters cried, "You don't have to be so goddamn hostile." The
chief replied, "Hoss style, dog-style, any style, me fuck-em all."

Tears in her eyes, Ms. Walters cried, "Oh dear." The cheif replied,
"No deer,----me fuck no deer. Run too fast, assholes too high. No
fuck deer."

Strange days indeed

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