Soccer World Cup - We Like Fatties

Soccer is most obviously not immune to the politically absurd with no better example then the lastest out of Brazil regarding their preparations for the 2014 World Cup. Of course....
WC special seats to be set aside for obese

SAO PAULO -- The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is set to be the first to offer special seats for obese fans.

The seats will be offered to conform to Brazilian legislation, although international supporters will also be entitled to them. FIFA told The Associated Press on Monday that it will be the "first time tickets for obese people are offered at a FIFA event."

The tickets will also be available for the upcoming Confederations Cup, the World Cup warm-up tournament that will be played in Brazil from June 15-30.


The Arena Castelao in the northeast city of Fortaleza has 1,675 seats from its total of 63,903 made available for people with disabilities, 120 of those for obese fans, according to the Brazilian government.
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Being disgustingly fat to the point of risking your own life is a disability? See losing weight or being healthy won't get me a step closer to getting into a match but gaining hundreds of pounds will. Krikey! I can eat my way into the soccer matches....gets me lots and lots of pork pies, I want to be disabled!

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