WalStreetPro2 - Limey Edition

Back in the day, around 2008 or 2009, a brilliant hillbilly from North Carolina going by the nom de plume WalStreetPro2 emerged as a beacon of rational and extremely valid thought regarding the wool that is being pulled over our eyes by the corporate and political elite. We linked him here. He's unmasked his anonymity and now has a Youtube page under his own name Kevin Rowland. We highly recommend a view of his analysis, but definitely have the kids leave the room before enjoying. I'll take Rowland over Liesman any day of the week.

But the reason we bring up his excellent video commentary is not for a stroll down memory lane but because an apparent English disciple has emerged that just might be Bloomberg TV to Kevin Rowland's CNBC. Behold an English cabby's take on the Cyprus Job, and beware of the language for those with sensitive ears.


Dr. Diggler said...

Speaking of rational and valid, why would you compare a good journalist to CNBC?

Negocios Loucos said...

Yeah RT News would have been a bit to highbrow. And Santelli still works at CNBC. There are a couple of non-clowns there at least.

Anonymous said...

this is the end result of "economic patriotism".

well, that and forced relocations to the ghetto.


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