GM Volt - It's No Tesla

ZH comments that GM announced that it lost money on every Volt and in order to fix that they will be charging less for each unit. Brilliant!

The reason for comment though isn't the Volt, it's my car crush on Tesla. I don't buy into any of the environmental terror that we hear all the time about carbon dioxide causing global destruction, and I'd never purchase an electric or hybrid ahead of a Golf TDI, but I love this car and the ongoing story of Tesla. I see at least 1 every single day. Often I see 2 or 3 on my commute and I think that's awesome. I'm a huge fan of technology and Elon Musk is apparently doing something right because this thing is being purchased by many folks. Also it's sharp looking. It's got great lines. The Volt on the other hand might be one of the ugliest cars ever produced. But what do you expect from a communist enterprise where failure is rewarded.

Just a little entrepreneurial shout out to Musk and Tesla. I know they aren't purely capitalist either but at least what they are producing is being sold and it looks great.

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